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PL-700 SCM insurance approved

The combination of a full stainless steel body, an unpickable stainless steel cylinder and a secure key database protection system makes this lock perform under any condition, always. 

The PL-700 padlock is one the most durable padlocks in the world and suitable for maximum security applications. Its CEN 5 Grade makes it a perfect solution for container- and trailerlocks. Interested in this padlock?

SCM Insurance approved in combination with the PowerLock CTL-Series container- and trailerlocks.

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The global leader in transport- and marine security products

The PowerLock® Group designs, develops and manufacturers a broad range of high quality security products, ranging from trailer- and container locks to marine grade outboard motor locks and anti-theft vehicle protection. 

Our signature bright yellow colour combined with our heavy duty cast steel constructions discourages any potential offenders.

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The powerlock PL-700 padlock is highly durable, sustaining tests such as acetic acid salt-spray, ensuring that it can withstand the elements when used in exposed locations. The PL-700 has superior physical strenght which ensures maximum resistance against attacks.

Further security is provided by hardened stainless steel balls locking the boron-shackle on both sides.The Padlock body is manufactured from case-hardened stainles steel and measures 70mm wide. The Shackle is manufactured from case-hardened boron and is 14mm in diameter. Every PowerLock PL-700 padlock includes a PowerLock premium cylinder mechanism, containing 2-digit amount of discs.


The key is removable in locked position only, and the PL-700 comes with 2 premium stainless steel keys with a 2 year warranty on both the locking mechanism as well as the stainless steel construction. 


The PowerLock® CTL-100 SCM is one of the strongest container/trailer locks in the market. Heavy cast iron and its bright yellow colour deters and discourages any opportunistic thief and prevents unauthorised entry of your container- or trailer. This container- and trailerlock is suitable for padlocks with a width of 70mm.

Features & Benefits

– Suitable for TAPA/ TSR Certification

– Suitable for padlocks with 70mm diameter

– Heavy Duty containerlock

– Surface treatment: Electrolytically Galvanized and powder


– Dimensions: 450x110x120 mm (LxWxH)

– Adjustable length from 460 mm to 230 mm

– Weight: 7.8 kg

– SCM approved under MS012201

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Since the start of PowerLock® in 1997, more then 50.000 trailers, trucks, containers and vehicles have been protected with a PowerLock® locking system. Over the years, the company has developed a wide range of locks, ranging from heavy duty container locks to insurance approved outboard motor locks. 

According to the Transported Asset Protection Association or TAPA, the theft of high value and high risk products moving in supply chains in Europe is estimated around €8.2 billion a year. With this number increasing each year, the PowerLock® Group is on a mission to make heavy duty locks available for everyone. 

PowerLock® designed, develops and manufacturers transport protection products such as: insurance approved container- and trailerlocks, wheel clamps, hitch locks and padlocks.

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The PowerLock® BBM-Series are the standard in the Dutch marine market for outboard motor locks. Since the introduction of our outboard motor locks over 20 years ago, big OEM’s like Yamaha and Suzuki have used our designs and manufacturing capabilities.

Over twente years of continous development led to the newest series of outboard motor locks. A range of three excellent varieties of insurance approved anti-theft measures for your outboard motor.

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Most commonly used fixed mounting container lock in Europe

Our latest PowerLock® CTL-Series are the most commonly used anti-theft measurements for containers and trailers. The heavy cast iron casing and its bright red color will discourage any possible break-in. The CTL-300 is especially designed to provide maximum security for vehicles or buildings with swing-shut style doors or containers.





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SCM Insurance approved under number MS012204
Transport Asset Protection Association | Certified locking systems