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At powerlock® we are committed to ensuring that all our employment policies and practices for staff are fair, products are made from sustainable materials and building durable relations with customers and suppliers is a priority.

The aim of equality in the workplace is to achieve broadly equal outcomes for men and women. Achieving this equality is important for workplaces and building durable relations


All our Powerlock® products are made from sustainable materials. Whether they are made from a durable stainless steel for the manufacturing of our designer keys, or a recycled plastic composition for the personal Powerlock® keycode cards. At Powerlock®, we have a manufacturing goal of using a 100 percent sustainable materials in the process of raw material to finished product.


As a part achieving our durable goals, a part of Powerlocks® products is assembled in local sheltered workshops.

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CEO & Founder Powerlock Group


PowerLock develops and designs a unique range of anti-theft products for mobile applications. Our products are available for various applications such as: Boats, outboard motors, caravans, trailers, cars, trucks, motorcycles, mobile homes and many more.

At PowerLock our vision is to provide our customers with premium and maximum security locks. Our locks provide a barrier for thiefs every day anywhere in the world.

The PowerLock solutions are especially designed and produced to safeguard your high value property and shipments. L

Quality and craftsmanship since 1997

Powerlock® develops and designs a unique range of anti-theft products for mobile applications. Its special anti-theft locks are available for various applications. – Trailer/ Container – Boats – Outboard Motors – Car Trucks – Caravans – Mobile Homes and many more