PowerLock® CTL-300 container lock SCM-approved


High Quality Container Locks

The PowerLock® CTL-300 is one of the strongest container lock and trailer locks in the market. Fixed mounting, heavy cast iron an its bright red colour deters and iscourages any opportunistic thief and prevents unauthorised entry of your container or trailer. Our  latest CTL-series is especially designed to provice maximum security for trailers with swing-shut style doors and containers.


✔ Suitable for TAPA/TSR Certification

✔ Fixed Mounting

✔ Dimensions: 159 x 119 x 55 mm (LxWxH)

✔ Weight: 4 kg

✔ Including: Mounting equipment

Keying and padlocks

The PowerLock PL-700 padlock is suitable for the CTL-300, and can be bought as a pair. This container lock is standard without padlock. Keyed alike, Keyed to differ and master keyed is all possible. For these keyed options or a high quantity of locks, please get your enquiry at: info@powerlock.nl

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Product Description

Our newest PowerLock® CTL-series are the most commonly used anti-theft measurements for trailers and containers. The PowerLock CTL-300 is especially designed to provide maximum security for trailers with swing-shut style doors and containers. The heavy cast iron housing and its bright red colour will discourage any possible break-in. In short: The perfect container lock for anyone.

The CTL-300 is made for right-handed doors. Special mounting equipment is also included in every order.

Approved under SCM-insurance code MS012204

SCM-Approved under MS012204

Download the SCM Insurance certificate here

PowerLock® PL-700

The CTL-300 comes with our PowerLock® PL-700 padlock. The PL-700 padlock is highly durable, unpickable, sustaining tests such as acetic acid salt-spray, ensuring it can withstand the elements when used in exposed locations. The PL-700 has superior strenght which ensures maximum resistance against attacks.

Further security is provided by hardened stainless steel balls locking the hardened boron-shackle on both sides.

Optionally other padlocks which are 70mm wide and have a removable shackle can be fitted inside our CTL-300 such as the Abloy PL-358 and Mul-T-Lock C-13.

Additional information

Weight 4.6 kg
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 16 cm


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