Wheel clamp type Amsterdam


PowerLock wheel clamp type Amsterdam is suitable for nearly all types of wheels. A personal code-card and key are standard for every wheel clamp. The universal use of this wheel clamp makes it the most used clamp for parking enforcement. The type Amsterdam is also suitable as an anti-theft device. The wheel clamp type Amsterdam immobilises every vehicle to which it is mounted. The round steel disc covers the wheel lugs to prevent any wheel removal attack The wheel clamp is supplied with a state of the art cylinder lock,  and can be mounted effortless on cars, SUV’s, vans and even small trucks. Besides the mentioned vehicles, the wheel clamp can also be used for motorhomes, caravans and trailers.

Parking enforcement
The amount of parking violations on both public and private parking lots is enormous and still increases each year. Therefore a growing number of companies, local governments, and institutions are starting to clamp vehicles as part of their parking policy. PowerLock wheel clamp type Amsterdam is the most used clamp, and the best known product for effective parking enforcement. Even the preventive mounting of the clamp on one’s own vehicle in combination with a warning sign works excellent against illegal and wrongly parked cars. Wheel clamp type Amsterdam guarantees that your parking policy gets respected.


Wheel clamp type amsterdam


Wheel clamp type Amsterdam offers very effective theft protection. The wheel clamp fits both vehicles and trailers. It is by far the most robust wheel clamp on the  market. Wheel clamp type Amsterdam is highly resistant against attacks by its rugged design and use of strengthened steel. The high visibility of the wheel clamp makes it the preferred deterrent for many users around the world. The wheel clamp type Amsterdam gives you the security of the best possible theft protection.